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Galaxy S22 series is not available in Egypt

(Topic created on: 06-06-2022 11:39 PM)
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جالاكسى S
Despite the fact that the Galaxy S22 series has been announced during February 2022 and that Samsung Egypt has confirmed that the handsets will be available at Egyptian market for delivery by end of March 2022, unfortunately till now the mobile phone is not available to purchase through official sellers or even on Samsung Egypt website, all current buying options are imported handsets from Middle Eastern market without local warranty and with very expensive nonsense pricing scheme.
Sansung Egypt is killing the Galaxy S22 series in Egypt by such attitude and I hope that they do take a different approach availing the handsets in the market freely and with reasonable pricing scheme, I know that the unstable US dollar price is one of the reasons but frankly speaking Samsung Egypt is way behind schedule from actual product launching in Egypt.
I really feel disappointed because of such failure to backup their own flagship in an important market like Egypt.