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Galaxy S ultra series without S pen and curved shape

(Topic created on: 05-11-2024 12:37 PM)
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Hey Samsung Community,
Let's talk about the next iteration of the Galaxy S series, particularly the much-anticipated Galaxy S Ultra. While Samsung consistently impresses us with its innovative designs and features, there's a growing sentiment within the community regarding the desired design direction for the Ultra.

Many of us appreciate the elegance of a boxier design over the curved edges. A flat screen not only provides a more ergonomic grip but also enhances usability, especially for those who prefer precision and stability in their interactions with the device. The flat design has its own aesthetic appeal, offering a classic and timeless look that many users

 adore.Additionally, there's a segment of users who don't necessarily require or prefer the inclusion of the S Pen with the Ultra variant. While the S Pen undoubtedly adds versatility and functionality to the device, some users find themselves not utilizing it to its full potential or simply don't need it in their daily usage. Offering a version of the Galaxy S Ultra without the S Pen could cater to this group of users and potentially streamline the device's design and functionality.

By embracing a boxier design and providing an option without the S Pen, Samsung could appeal to a broader spectrum of users, offering a device that prioritizes simplicity, elegance, and practicality. Let's voice our opinions and preferences, shaping the future of Samsung's flagship lineup together.

What are your thoughts? Do you share the desire for a boxier Galaxy S Ultra without the S Pen? Share your insights and let's keep the conversation going!
Best regards, Reber