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🌟 Expensive Trash 🌟

(Topic created on: 02-21-2023 04:36 PM)
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جالاكسى S

 i have just updated my s22 ultra phone yesterday, and i can't believe i need to wait for another update to may or may not they will deliver these features.

I have always been a samsung fan, but with years, price with iphone is almost the same, and iphone even makes a better UI experience, even the stylus with galaxy is trash, when coloring they give you a broken feature, that you can't even control it's existence like if holding a line it gets straight and neglect any hazard movement, try this feature while coloring, it makes it impossible to draw or color
Battery wise isn't that great.
Samsung memebers are trash. They don't do any of your suggestions.

Camera flash doesn't work under zoom of 1.0 

Lots and lots of bugs, and they don't fix anything

But they gave us broken or outdated features.

I swear i do really consider moving to iphone or get myself a trash phone at least i wouldn't be mad if it's features are broken

Paying premium price for trash features