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Demanding the full features in KSA مطالبة كامل المزايا في السعودية

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It's our rights as users and customers of samsung phones and wearable devices to have the full features in our devices same as all other regions, such as:
- ECG and blood pressure in galaxy watches
- Samsung pay
- etc .....

من حقوقنا كمستخدمين وعملاء لهواتف سامسونج والأجهزة القابلة للارتداء الحصول على الميزات الكاملة في أجهزتنا مثل جميع المناطق الأخرى ، مثل:
- تخطيط القلب وضغط الدم في ساعات جالكسي
- دفع سامسونج
- إلخ .....
جالاكسى S

Unfortunately, there are no employers from Samsung to hear your inquiry and escalate it to the company. Various users demanded Samsung pay and other serviceson Tthe witter app, but they're still no a clear answer from Samsung 

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Still we need to try to deliver our voice by any why
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I think Samsung is aware of these issues , but to solve them or to apply certain features may interfere with third-party organizations, it is all based on financial income rather than users preferences.
Example, you may not get ECG because other brands pay more to have more control over consumers and vise versa ex, Samsung have unique access and applications that Apple cant have in here .
So to sum up ,the more you pay ( as company ) to deliver your products and facilities all there legal requirements The more variety of features that you can distribute.