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Camera issues

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جالاكسى S
I have s21ultra and my friend have note 20 and his camera looks way better than my s21ultra more details more colorful and more accurate autofocus idk why this difference when all comparison say opposite anyone have idea ?
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جالاكسى S

Hello. I’m Aya, Samsung Moderator
Thank you for asking the question
We wish you a happy day
Based on your inquiry regarding the update
-Make sure that the device is not dropped or exposed to any liquid
-Confirm the power key is on because the device may be locked
- *#0*# Test the camera using
Click on Settings, then Other, then Application Manager, select All, click on Camera, then click on Clear Data
-Try to turn on the camera in safe mode to identify the problem, turn off the phone and turn it back on again.
During operation, press a key
Lower the volume, turn on the camera
-Make sure that the device is charged, because the camera will not work if the battery is not charged
we follow some steps as follows:
Regarding your inquiry, please confirm some steps:
It is preferable to test the camera by writing the following code in the contacts
Choose Mega Cam and check whether the problem persists or not
Choose front cam and check whether the problem persists or not
Please verify through the following steps
1- We access the camera
2- Then go to settings
3_ We reset the camera settings
If the problem persists
Please perform a factory reset of the device using the following steps:
-Public Administration
- Reset
-Factory data reset
-Delete all
I ask your permission
Before starting this step, please copy the phone data. It can be stored through the following link for the program
  Samsung smart switch

If you have any other question, can you explain it to us
We are at your service always
Thanks for your time