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Bring Back Charging Brick and Headphones out of Box! (New info About S21)

(Topic created on: 12-09-2020 01:14 AM)
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So I wanna Share This News Update with the Community. I Believe it was a Day or 2 Days ago. Samsung posted a Tweet about Charging brick where they were Mocking Apple for Not including Charging Brick. When a Day Later Samsung Deleted this Tweet and people Start Spreading Rumors And leaks About S21! Meaning The Charging Brick won't gonna come out of the box. So you have Pay Spreadly for Charging Brick. They're also Removing Headphones out of Box as well.

When I Heard these Rumors it made me Feel like Samsung also Fall for Apple Money Making Trap!! Which I DISLIKE it Alot!

Now Before that. I was Planning to Upgrade my phone from S7 Edge to A72 Because I'm a Huge fan of Samsung. They always Bring New Features to their Device's But Removing Charging Brick and Headphones out of the Box won't gonna do Anything and many people will Criticize this..

Please Samsung if you're Reading this Message. Include Changing brick out of the box. Everyone will Appreciate it.

If this Applies to A Series. "I'm gonna Switch Brand" I'm Using S7 Edge for 4 And half Years. I'm upgrading it in 2021..

If you guys wanna Help me out with this Situation. Please Don't Forget to put this Tag in your Tag list when you're making any post. If this Becomes a Trend then Samsung will listen to us. (We don't wanna Make Samsung Fall for Apple Money making Trap)

I really hope you all help me out. All the tags are available down below.

Thank you


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agree 👍
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in my opinion, It is mandatory to provide a full charging kit ,
or alternatively they should reduce the cost no minimum than 200$ so customers can buy their charging kit
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If this is Happen to Upcoming A Series. if the Starting Price happen to be 400$ without Charging out of the Box. it may worth my money. if they Removed it and Cost 500$ then... I Have to Wait 6 ish Months for this phone to Drop its price down. Meaning that my phone is gonna be 5 Years old since I bought it. I can still use my phone, it's in good Condition but the Battery feels like it's getting Weaker and Weaker.

Edit: The leaksters did claim that the S21 price will Drop 150$ When the S20 got Launch. if they Removed the Charging Brick Meaning if they drop the price even more then it would worth Buying S21. If it was High for the midrange Customers them they will go for A Line up
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I totally agree 👍,
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