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My Phone is Galaxy S10 plus , and I am facing an issue that battery drain so fast

I need to get more information about whicg part of hardware are eating my battery

When I check devicr care I only get information about apps , without showing anh informstion about device hardware like screen , bluetooth , etc
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Hello hatem  I’msarah, Samsung Moderator
we thank you for asking your question

we do really apologize for the problem that you faced

Please follow the following steps

  1. Check the Display Brightness
  2. Check if the device spends a lot of time in an area where the phone shows only a weak signal strength (less than two bars)
  3. Exit Active Applications
  4. Check Battery / Power key
  5. Check battery usage with their devices. Go to Settings>about phone>Battery usage to find out all usage
  6. Apply “Power Saving Mode”
  7. Perform Factory Data Reset


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