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محمد عشيري

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جالاكسى S
Why did Google and Samsung and the manufacturers of ARM processors not think of making processors on the Android system that work with different programming environments and building computer systems .. This is the secret of development لماذا لم تفكر Google و Samsung والشركات المصنعة لمعالجات ARM في صنع معالجات على نظام Android تعمل مع بيئات برمجة مختلفة وبناء أنظمة كمبيوتر .. هذا هو سر التطوير
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جالاكسى S
You should distinguish between phone system and PC system
Phone systems does not required much programming as like PC
But , to make you feel happy 😊 if you go back 15 Years ago ، phone systems are far away of comparison
with PCs unlike nowadays
I belive the next 5 years phone and PC system will be similar and can be integrated with one system that can serve both phone and PC requirements