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Turning Mobile data on in A70

(Topic created on: 05-20-2022 07:59 PM)
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Hello there.

 I have a problem turning on mobile data in my galaxy a70. The problem appears when trying to turn on the phone data after disconnecting the WiFi network. When I leave the house, I disconnect the wifi and turn on mobile data to get online. 

But recently the phone data stopped working. I can no longer use the phone data until after the reboot. This means that when I disconnect my device from the Wi-Fi network, I always have to restart the phone so that I can turn on the phone data. 

I've tried using several different SIMs for different companies but the problem hasn't been resolved. This means that it is a problem with the phone and not with the service provider. 

Tried several settings changes, but that also did not solve the problem. This is an annoying problem, imagine that you need to restart the smartphone several times a day. So this is no longer a smart phone, but a stupid phone. 

Any suggestion to solve this problem is welcomed. Thanks a lot
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One suggestion/workaround that may help (i am not sure) rather than restarting the phone.
1. After switching off the wifi ,open the mobile data.

2. Turn on the airplane mode then turn it off.

See if the mobile data work or not.

Please feedback us with the results.
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Good evening, regret, with you, Nada from Samsung Egypt
Thank you very much for asking your question, and we hope you have a nice day
At the outset, I sincerely apologize to you for the problem you are facing
Based on your inquiry
Please do the following steps
Settings - General Management - Reset - Reset networks
If you have any other questions,
We are at your command and at your service at any time
Thank you for your time and presence