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Samsung browser and technology

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kindly be informed that.
I'm asking about samsung browser services add-ons. tell now can't find more of two services - sub addresses and subtitles I think samsung need more of that to make the browser more powerful like tester internet spped add-ons and direct download option from browser like pause or continue and open download folder from main page browser and maneged more of functionality like if quick access page link provided by samsung Internet why can't add more pages or something like choosing many web links from my side and more smart web browsing something like if am reading topics on browser can starting time +/- to control scroll down 2d services as add-ons or built in in browser more smarter Ai browser. 
Until samsung technology can make it eagle eye lenses sensor as a front mobile side by side front camera lenses like the concept of technology testing doctor specialist (ophthalmologist) the patient focus and looking up and down, left, right in device technology but using arrow indicator technology using up/down/left/right eye motions inductors like the idea of fingerprint concept scan fingerprint left,right circle to complete the record of finger
i have a small resach about that technology since many years ago i can send it by small model reading details.
By the way? 

why on the samsung member app or on device can't finding the mobile manual user by all functions but not as a pdf reader or download file just as a built-in with search option and user OS version also with any updating facilities. 

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