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Samsung Galaxy A70 Review After 4 Month

(Topic created on: 10-27-2019 10:31 PM)
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4 months ago, I bought galaxy A70, it is a very good phone, but its camera is not good at all, blur does a lot when taking photos, at this price it should have given less than good camera, everything else good In this mobile, one is such a expensive mobile, 32 mega pixel just named from the top, is not useful, I am giving some sample below, you can see for yourself, there is no details at all, the back camera is fine, No good work in low light Confirms, also blur in the day, the same as you do try more blur all comes not details, please camera improve through please samsung update, Thank you
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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge✌👌🤲
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Yes, you're absolutely right.

Three things I didn't like about this great device.

Weight, camera, screen colors

All the best
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cheap mobile dear..
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when you are interest to buy a device
buy a flagship device
in this category you can have good camera good display and rich features
yes price is a factor to decide
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thank for support
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Yes i strongly agree with you. Photos are always blury. You must be stable like rock to take perfect photo which is impossible. Please lower sensitivity of camera