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One UI and the small details

(Topic created on: 02-25-2022 03:07 AM)
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I've been a one UI user for 4 years now, I'll probably keep using this android skin for a long time. I'm in love with it because it let's me express myself in many many ways I have grown to appreciate.
The parts I dislike the most about it are the parts that I can't really customize.
I'm on one UI 3.1, let's say you're like me and you like the Google feed or you like third party icons but you're on one UI 3.1 or older, you're basically stuck. That's a big problem cuz it makes my homescreen less useful and I've grown quite tired of the galaxy theme store, it doesn't offer much utility like the 3rd party icon packs do. The samsung launcher could be updated for older devices with relative ease, and it would make for a great addition.
Also, Why wouldn't samsung let me use GIFs on the samsung keyboard? I really love the layout and the bitmoji flyouts but I can't get over the fact that the keyboard app hasn't been updated to support GIFs like Gboard.
Here's another example, why won't the clock app let me use Google routines instead of Bixby? Just let me have the option samsung. Your phones are literally perfect, they just need their UI to be united and constantly updated. I'm not talking about Android versions, you're doing a less than perfect yet honestly quite an acceptable job on that.. I'm talking about the the Android skin.
If you can separate the one UI skin and have it updated constantly on seperate of Android, it would just make your devices so much more fun to use.
To conclude, I'm a fan of the stable and customizable software experience but in the same time I know it has potential to be way better. Let's make Android fun to use again.
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