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My phone stopped vibrating Samsung a52

(Topic created on: 04-23-2023 07:56 PM)
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So my phone stop vibrating randomly one day so I want to know how to fix it and If I bring it to Samsung how much will it cost to fix/rreplace the vibrating module 
Samsung a52 
I tried *#0*# and Samsung members thing
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Hello. I’m Amira, Samsung Moderator
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Based on your inquiry regarding the update

1) Dial *#0*# then choose vibration 
vibration will worked normally 
2) if the issues still persisting you can make factory reset through these steps 

Settings – Backup and reset - Factory data reset.
Ensure all user data is backed up using the following methods:-
1. Connect the phone to the PC via USB cable, and then manually copy files from the removable disk to you r PC hard disk drive.
2. Download and install smart switch from the link below and then use the backup tool to create a data backup 
3. Insert an SD card and move files from the device internal memory to the SD card.
Kindly note that only Images, Contacts, calendar, videos and Audio files are backed up, all applications and text messages will be erased.

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