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Galaxy A52s Network Issue

(Topic created on: 08-10-2023 03:14 AM)
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So recently I've had sudden loss in signal on one of my Sim cards randomly , sometimes it's Sim1 other times it's Sim 2

I went on and tried to figure the whole issue out and was able to get to this conclusion, they would only work fine if I set one of the Sim cards to 2g/3g and the other works straight LTE/5G
I don't mind keeping 2/3G only issue it causes delays on the network

Anyone facing such issue and what's the solution for it as I've used my phone normally on both LTE and never faced this before 

P.s I've already factory resetted the phone as I've suspected software related issue but issue persist. 

Solution ? 
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Hello. I’m Mehad , Samsung Moderator
Thank you for asking the question
We wish you a happy day
Based on your inquiry regarding the
Make sure that the device does not encountered any issue like dropped in any liquid or fall on solid floor
Change the network mode and see if that will make any difference through
settings – connections – networks – mobile network settings – network mode
Check if calls can be made after switching the phone off and on.
check the device with another SIM card
try the sim card in different Mobile phone to check whether the issue with the phone or the Sim card
if another SIM card works with the device kindly contact with the network provider in order to fully assist you
if the issue still exist we recommend that you perform a factory data reset to resolve this issue using the steps below:-

Launch the Settings app and tap General management → Reset → Factory data reset →

Ensure all user data is backed up using smart switch
from the link below and then use the backup tool to create a data backup
If you’re still facing the same issue, kindly take the device to the service center to check on it.
you can follow the link below to find the nearest one :
If you have any other question, can you explain it to us
We are  at your service always
Thanks for your time