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Device suddenly started to reboot and got frozen on Samsung log screen

(Topic created on: 11-19-2020 09:49 PM)
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My Device name is Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 and am using the same for the last 23 months. Today afternoon I got a serious issue with this.
The issue was that after using it for continuous 3 hours of my live lectures, I kept it in charge and left for few minutes. Later when I checked, it was already started to reboot and was showing the Samsung logo screen. I waited for several minutes to get it ready, but nothing happened for next many hours. Later the phone got automatically off, maybe due to exhaustion of battery charge. So I plugged-in again for 1 hour and tried switching on. But still the same Samsung logo screen was was showing as frozen for long time and no other response.
It kept on showing the same screen for long time and it was never turned off until the charge gets over.

Kindly help me with this issue. I have around 20 days left for the warranty expiry date of this device.

Some other issues I faced while using this device are listed below:

1. Over-heating of device while using camera for more than 5 minutes.
2. Taking too much time for running or loading apps, comparatively very slower network/bandwidth speed with other Samsung mobiles in the same home network.
3. Loosing camera quality after a period of time.

I have been a continuous user of Samsung for the past many years, Most of the electronics or mobiles devices at my home or used by my family are Samsung products. So I trust you could help out in this issue.

Hoping for your kind response soon

Muhammed Shanoob

Contact me at : 050751684zero (Dammam, KSA)

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جالاكسى A

Thank you for contacting Samsung KSA

first thank you for your interests in our products , and of course we are happy to have a loyal customer like you dear thank you 

regarding what happened we are sorry too for what you faced

make sure that auto restart is turned off from the device settings-device care-3 dots on the right corner of the screen -advanced settings-disable auto-restart

avoid download unknown apps from unknown sources as this may cause the problem

for overheats :

When using apps that require more power or using apps for extended periods the device may overheat

When recording videos for extended periods

Do the following when the device heats up:
 Keep the device updated with the latest software.
 Conflicts between running apps may cause the device to heat up. Restart the device.
 Deactivate the Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth features when not using them.
 Close apps that increase battery consumption or that run in the background when
not in use.
 Delete unnecessary files or unused apps.
 Decrease the screen brightness.
 If the device overheats or feels hot for a prolonged period, do not use it for a while. If
the device continues to overheat, contact a Samsung Service Center.

-the camera quality :

the quality of your photos may vary, depending on the surroundings and the photography techniques you use.

if you take photos in dark areas , at night , or indoors,image noise may occur or images ma be out of focus

as you can check the below steps to ensure taking more clearer pictures :

go to apps-camera-settings-reset settings

to change the resolution :open the camera app-settings-video size – select the resolution for both rear and and front 

and dear kindly visit the nearest service center in order to check the device

the link of the service centers:


We hope this has been of some assistance to you. If you do have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Hope you and your family staying healthy and safe!