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Camera2API (for GCam) on a54 5G

(Topic created on: 03-06-2024 04:09 PM)
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I need your help

We need to get together and submit feedback in Samsung Members asking for Camera2 API support for the A54. 

I basically submitted feedback explaining how I can't use my camera to its full potential because of the lack of Camera2 API support. If we get lucky and submit dozens of requests, we could get something done. I personally consider it awful how I paid for this phone but can't use it to the fullest.

A single report won't achieve anything. 

Here's a generic draft.

`Hello Samsung support. I'm a Samsung Galaxy A54 user and I'd like to request the unlocking of Camera2 API access in the Galaxy A54. The lack of access to this API is hindering the camera performance of this phone by blocking third party apps from accessing all of the camera hardware. Please forward this message to the developers so that they can fully unlock this API for third party camera apps through a software update and let us use the camera of this phone to an even greater extent. Thank you.`
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I doubt they will do it. I have the same issue. But they won't do it