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Application error

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I always find photos in my gallery has been downloaded from group on what'sup that I have left and every time I delete them, they get downloaded again even though I have always disabled from WUp settings downloading any media automatically .

Also when I open Facebook, it shows that I have a notification in messenger while I am sure there isn't any pending unread messages.

Any advise what to do?!
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Hello. I’m Amira, Samsung Moderator
Thank you for asking the question
We wish you a happy day
Based on your inquiry regarding the update

settings -General Management  - Reset  -Reset all settings  
if  you still facing the  same  issue  kindly  follow  the  below steps  
we recommend that you perform a factory data reset to resolve this issue using the steps below:-
Settings – Backup and reset - Factory data reset.
Ensure all user data is backed up using smart switch
from the link below and then use the backup tool to create a data backup

If you have any other question, can you explain it to us
We are  at your service always
Thanks for your time