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A52 updates

(Topic created on: 09-18-2021 10:44 PM)
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جالاكسى A
Did anyone received galaxy A52 septemper security update?
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جالاكسى A

Regarding your query, what you are referring to is called security updates these types of updates do not support a specific or expected date
Once the update is available you will receive a notification to update the phone 
Moreover, it is not necessary to have each month an update, and they are not a routine update 
But, Regarding your query, We will provide you with suggested instructional you may please follow it try to check if there is any software update available and to download it 

1- Remove the SIM card then restart the device then try again to check for an update and to download it 

2- Download the Smart Switch app on a PC or a laptop then connect the phone and open the app and check for the update and to download it 

3- The last hope is you need to visit a service center to check for an update and to download it

in case, you tried all the listed steps and still there was no update available, that means the phone does not have or support any new updates at the moment