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Question ...can i format my external microsd card as internal memory in a native way ??? Without rooting ???
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Hello. I’m Aya, Samsung Moderator
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Based on your inquiry regarding the update

Please follow the following steps:
1 - Insert the card ejection pin into the slot in the card holder to remove it.
2 - Gently pull the card holder out of the card holder slot.
3 - Place the memory card in the holder with the gold-coloured contacts facing down and gently press the memory card into the holder to secure it.
4 - Insert the card holder into the card holder slot again
5- Try another storage card with the device
Some memory cards may not be fully compatible with the device. Using an incompatible memory card may damage the device, the memory card, or may corrupt data stored on the card

Be careful when inserting the memory card with its right side up.
Make sure the ejection pin is inserted perpendicular to the slot. Otherwise, the device may be damaged.
When the card holder is removed from the device, the mobile data connection will be disabled.
If the card is not securely secured in the holder, the memory card may move or fall off the holder.
Your device may be damaged. Always make sure the holder is dry.
If you insert the holder into your device and the holder is wet
Insert the holder fully into the holder opening to avoid liquids leaking into your device

The device supports only FAT and exFAT file systems for memory cards. If you insert a card formatted with a file system
To be able to do this, the device will ask you to reformat the card, otherwise it will not recognize the card. You must format the memory card first
Of using it. If your device cannot format or recognize the memory card, contact the memory card manufacturer or a data center
Samsung services.
Frequent writing and erasing of data will shorten the life of memory cards.
When you insert a memory card into the device, the memory card file directory appears in the My Files → SD Card folder

If the problem persists, please perform a factory reset of the device.

Settings - General management - Restore - Factory data reset - Reset device - Erase all
Before starting this step, please copy the phone data. It can be stored through the following link for the Samsung smart switch program

If the problem persists, ask your permission to visit us at the nearest maintenance center so that the device can be examined and the problem resolved for you
You can find the nearest maintenance center through the following link:


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