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Spen problem

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جالاكسى نوت
Dear all I need any help for support me in fix s pen problem in note 10 plus disconnect each 5 min and that happens when I put the mobile to charge it 
The battery also is like full and in same time empty

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جالاكسى نوت

Hello. I’m Amira, Samsung Moderator
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Based on your inquiry regarding the update

Step 1. Go to Settings > Software Update.
Step 2. Click on Download and Install.
The third step. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
Check 1. Make sure your phone is not in contact with a magnet
If you often get a notification that you need to connect your S Pen to the S Pen indicator icon, or the S Pen often gets disconnected from your device, check the accessories that came with the device first.
Certain magnetic forces may adversely affect the functionality of the S Pen. As such, a magnetic phone case or metal cover may interfere with the recognition or use of the S Pen and may cause erratic and unintended insertion. Before using the S Pen, be sure to remove any magnetic accessories such as the magnetic case or metal cap.
2. Check the connection status in the Air Actions settings
If you have problems connecting to the S Pen after removing any magnetic accessories, you may need to remove the S Pen, insert it back into the slot, and check the connection status in the Air Actions settings. Follow the steps below to access the S Pen's settings.
Step 1. From the Settings app, select Advanced Features.
Step 2. Tap on the S Pen
Step 3. Click on Air Actions.
Step 4. After reinserting the S Pen into your phone, check the connection status of the S Pen.
Check 3. Reset the S Pen and plug it in again
You can also try resetting and connecting the S Pen again. If you have customized the S Pen settings, resetting the S Pen will return it to its default settings. After inserting the S Pen into the slot until you hear a click, configure the S Pen reset by following the steps below.

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