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Samsung Note 10 lite Bugs and glitches after Android 12 One Ui 4 update

(Topic created on: 02-17-2022 09:03 AM)
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جالاكسى نوت
I have invested so much in my note 10 lite and now facing these problems after android 12 update.

1 Notification panel won't work, and it won't show any Notification in panel.

2 Quick panel freeze and do not work at all. No button work, Bluetooth, Wifi, flash light, any button don't work.

3 Fingerprint sensor don't work after screen is off. Have to wake up screen to make it work 

4 Eye Comfort work only on schedule time, other than that it wont turn on.

These are the glitches I am facing and my work do not allow me to has these kind of bugs in phone.
I need every notification to keep my work up to the mark.