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Long journey will end here

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جالاكسى نوت

First I was a very big fan of all Samsung’s products for more than 10 years ago

 I already still owns  

- Samsung Galaxy Note 9

- Samsung Galaxy S 10

- Samsung Smart TV 40 inch

- Samsung Galaxy watch 46

- Samsung J7 2012


but now I faced a silly problem with my phone Samsung Galaxy note 9, the screen suddenly turns to yellow color with horizontal lines in background especially with white color, while the phone wasn’t dropped.

when I contacted with Samsung members they told me screen should be replaced and it will be on my own cost!!!

I know lately it’s a global issue and it was happened with many devices!!!

My only explanation is “Samsung use a very bad materials and short-life materials which don’t worth all this money paid for it”

Now I’ll not pay any $ in Samsung’s products and also I’ll share my bad experience with my colleagues, relatives, friends, and family!