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We, Galaxy Note 9 users, have paid top money for what is considered the best of what Samsung can offer in terms of mobile phones. It is unapologetic that such an expensive phone only have had OS updates uo to Android 10, only giving about 2 years of OS updates.

We need more than this. Usually your phones are released with an Android version that is about to be phased out already, so to only have 2 major OS updates on what is considered your top flagship phone is not acceptable.

With that in mind, we, Galaxy Note 9 users around the Globe, ask you to bring the latest Android 11 also to the Galaxy Note 9. Android 11 brings great new functionalities, and it is totally capable to run on the Galaxy Note 9 hardware.

We know you just made it official that all S10 line and Note 10 going forward will have 3 major OS updates, so please don't leave Galaxy Note 9 users out of this. Please bring the Android 11 as it's final OS update.