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Samsung N5300

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I post this article hoping that anyone in Samsung global care about their customers in egypt, I bought samsung N5300 43 inch two years ago and i was hoping that i did the right choice, after two years my TV went dark the screen is ok and the voice also but it's very dark i need to get very close to see what's on screen, I called 16580 your customer service number in egypt and they told me that they will raise a complain to technical team, the day after some technical called me and asked for photos and videos for the problem and i did sent it on his whatsapp then ge disappeared i tired to contact him many times but he kepy ignoring my call, the day after some other technical called me and asked for the same and i did the same again by sending him what he asked, He told me that he will visit me on next Saturday to repair my TV and i told him it's ok i will take a dayoff and wait for you, On Saturday i tried many times to reach him and finally he answered that he is on vacation please call customer service, I called them and they told me that they will try to assign another technician on the same day i waited but nothing happened, After many complaints they repaired my tv with but that wasn't the end, after the guy left i found that the screen frame not right its releasing light and not in it place i called them again and they asked for photos and videos and after many days they answered me that your tv will not be effected with this frame issue it's working fine!!! Really am i a different customer than the one who took a good and perfect device, After many arguments i surrendered, After just a few days a white point appeared in my screen i tried to turn it off and on and it's still the same i took pictures for this and sent it to technical team again and they told me that someone will visit me today and what happened again no one visited me after i took another dayoff from my work, All am asking for is to repair my tv i trusted Samsung not any other brand because i love Samsung but actually your after sale service in egypt is beyond ugly its the worst and alo your customer service, I hope that someone from your department or any other department care about your customer satisfaction try to communicate with someone in egypt to fix my problem, Am a loyal Samsung fan but after what i saw in this product and customer service i will think twice before buying Samsung product.



Ahmed Tarek


Hello. I’m Amira, Samsung Moderator.

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Based on your inquiry regarding 

Based on your question, it is clear that you are facing a issue in the TV

I ask your permission to follow these steps:

Picture Test
Menu > Support > Self-Diagnosis > Picture Test
if the same issue still exists you can follow up with WhatsApp number 01000016580

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