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Samsung Buds+ connectivity issues

(Topic created on: 09-27-2020 06:49 PM)
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I am using Samsung Buds+ for 3 months. It was working very well, but now there is a problem. I can't use video calls like Duo, IMO, WhatsApp clearly. If samsung buds+ connected, I can't make video calls in HD quality and it works as internet speed very poor. But when disconnect the buds, I can make calls in HD quality. Any one have the issue? Any solution for this

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Thank you for contacting Samsung KSA 

dear you mean the sound of earbuds or video quality in the mentioned apps ?

make sure that your device and the apps are on the last update 

check the internet status 

try to reset the apps preferences : settings-apps-3 dots in the right corner -reset the apps preferences 

try to restart your device in the safe mode and check the quality settings of each app 

you can try to reset your earbuds by using wearable app 

To improve transmitted sound through the earbuds to opposite side during calls, we recommend to enable Ambient sound during calls as advanced feature in Galaxy wearable app.

By using this feature, you can hear your own voice more clearly, allowing natural vocal effort with both earbuds on.

Launch the Galaxy Wearable app on the mobile device > Advanced > Ambient sound during calls.

Wireless network services may be disabled due to issues with the service provider’s network. Ensure to keep the earbuds away from electromagnetic waves

Ensure that your earbuds and the other Bluetooth device are within the maximum Bluetooth range (10 m). The distance may vary depending on the environment the devices are used in.

Let me know if this helped! 

and Hope you and your family staying healthy and safe!