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Google assistant not working

(Topic created on: 08-16-2021 07:33 PM)
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I rely on Google assistant a lot especially when my phone is locked (for making calls, navigation and whatnot) but i can't seem to get it right this time (after using S8+). it always asks to unlock the device to do whatever i ask it for. i enabled and disabled personal results and voice match multiple times,  i disabled google app Uninstalled it's updates and re-downloaded it, I retrained voice model, removed my password and reactivated it to no avail.
I noticed the app keeps asking me to allow personal results to work on lock screen (so i assume there is an issue in the app recognizing that i actually turn it on).. is anyone experiencing this issue? Did you find a solution?
TLDR: google assistant isn't working on lock screen no matter what i try to fix.
I'm using an exynos based S21 ultra with the latest updates Installed.
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kindly go to google app > settings > google assistant > lock screen > enable assistant responses on lock screen 


if that did not work then we recommend you to contact Google assistant support to check what may cause the issue since its a 3rd party app