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Gallery app issue

(Topic created on: 09-19-2021 11:57 AM)
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To samsung Kindly there is an issue in gallery app after the the last update security patch level 1st of September. Thats when im scrolling between pic and videos the screen freeze by it self and i tried another app to see if the problem is in my phone every thing is working well except in Gallery app . So plz i need your support 
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 Dear valued customer,
we appreciate the chance to assist you
 As for your inquiry, review the instructions below to try to solve the problem
You can go Settings > Apps > Gallery > Storage > Clear Cache 

Also, to Settings> General Management > Reset> Reset Settings
And if the problem is not resolved, we ask that you do a factory reset of the device, but that will wipe all your device's data, so we ask you to take a backup copy.
And in case the problem is not solved, we kindly ask you to contact the nearest Samsung service center, so that your device can be examined by Samsung technicians.
And to find out the nearest maintenance center, please go to:
https://www.samsung.com/w/ > choose your country > contact us