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Best customizations you have to do part 1

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This review is for you if you want a great experince on your samsung device or if you are a samsung beginner.

1.if you have a 5g phone you can activate bixby on 
Settings-advanced features-side button-press and hold and enable wake bixby,what will happen is if you press and hold the power button, it will wake bixby.

2.we have heard about gemini which was made by Google there are 2 options you can do 
1.download it as an apk
2.open google assistant you can some times see a suggestion about switching to gemini,but if it's not showing do the first option.

3.here are 3 best launchers
1.nova launcher 2.total launcher 3.smart launcher 6.

4.there are wallpapers for boys and girls you can search on the internet

For boys:batman wallpaper,Google pixel 8 and 8 pro,samsung galaxy s8,and s9 wallpapers.
For girls:cute rabbit wallpaper,samsung galaxy m31,samsung galaxy s9 and samsung galaxy s8 wallpapers.

5.you can also add a color palate that matches your wallpaper color and if you want to,you can also add the palates to the app icons

That's all

Note:I'm gonna make the same review but part 2 and don't forget it is next week on 25 may.