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A flagship like Note 9

(Topic created on: 05-03-2020 05:21 PM)
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Hello everyone! 
Samsung is well-known when it comes to innovation and new specs that serve the user, but recently it made some decisions that many users didn't like, like removing the 3.5 headphone jack from its flagship line and the LED indicator, and another disappoinment is that we are no longer getting a full-view display in Samsung's flagships. I think It's totally OK to have slightly bigger bezels (with no punchhole or notch). The Galaxy Note 9 is a great example of a great, fantastic phone that could satisfy many many users, but it won't last and eventually will be slow and weak.
I wish Samsung take this into consideration and think about it. We are used to its fantastic platform and interface. Please Samsung, make a great phone like the Note 9 with new specs.
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