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Hi, pls wanna ask about something. I have Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Watch and i have the latest Android 10 and One UI 2.1 on the Note9 and olso the latest software on the watch, when someone calls me on Whatsapp I mean whatsapp call, the Galaxy watch used to ring, but now and from 2 month ago the watch stops ringing on whatsapp calling.
Anyone have info about this issue??
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Dear valued customer

Thank you for contacting Samsung Levant support 

kindly check  the following please 

1. whats app is up to date 

2. make sure that Samsung galaxy wearable is up to date 

3. make sure that the notification settings are enabled from the same whats-app app and from the same galaxy wearable settings

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Whatsapp is uptodate
Android software is uptodate
Galaxy watch software is uptodate
All the apps is uptodate in my phone.
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