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Howdy galaxy users!
Neptune here, and welcome to samsung throwback where I talk about old samsung things! Today this is about Touchwiz before s experience or even one ui! This is one of my favorite features on old samsung phones, now to begin we should go back 12 years back in 2008 when samsung revealed touchwiz but It wasn't that known until galaxy s2 that used Touchwiz 4, s3 used ux nature, s4 used a updated version and yada yada until 2018 (maybe) when samsung decided to replace Touchwiz with s experience and later on replaced by one ui, we had fun with Touchwiz and if samsung worker sees it maybe they should made Touchwiz open source,

Touchwiz. 2008-2018 (hey that's 10 year anniversary of Touchwiz and they just discontinue it 😭)